On July 2 2018, after 61 days 10hrs Scott Donaldson become the first solo kayaker to successfully kayak from Australia to New Zealand.

LIVE: Scott Donaldson arrives in New Plymouth as the first person to cross the Tasman solo in a kayak

Posted by nzherald.co.nz on Monday, 2 July 2018

Our previous attempt in 2014 finished after 84 days. Paddling half the Tasman with an unrepairable rudder, sitting out a once in 40year blocking storm, whilst looking at Mount Taranaki 80km off the coast of NZ before our protocol dictated it unsafe to continue. With this unique experience -This can be done!

In 2018 Scott Donaldson will set off again in April as he attempts to become the first solo kayaker to successfully complete the trip.

Presenting Affco. A major partner in this endeavour.

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We welcome Affco onboard to join us in this adventure and all its raw emotion and meaty challenges! 

This is a massive undertaking and we still many bills to pay. Get your name on the boat and or website – we still need sponsors and support. Contact scott@tasmankayak.com

The story already has legs, with interesting titbits for everyone. I understand it’s not everybody’s bag and that’s fine, but there are many areas to follow. Technology, fitness, ticker, skills, the head game, personal hygiene, some salty stories and insights from the previous voyage.